Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh Boy! Tummy Time! 7/29/2012

Captains Log... Wait..  Photographers Log :)

Jordan, Marie +1,  Lucy (pup) & Mike
 Here's to my first blog ever. I think it has been over a year since Nicks mom began and has yet to stop encouraging (sometimes known as nagging) me to start a blog. Here goes it, even though I really have no idea where to actually start.

Marie, my long time hair dresser is 28 1/2 (she was very firm about that half) weeks pregnant. Jordan, Mike and Marie's 7 yr old daughter is eagerly awaiting her baby brothers arrival.

I use a Cannon T2i and it is practically a life line in our house. So much so that my kids often avoid me when I pull the camera out- or they turn on their selective hearing and completely tune me out. Kids that are not quite so sick of being photographed are a true treat for me. Not just because they are sweeter...
Jordan was a great age to get some good practice in. She was really calm and still, took great direction and was posable. A photographers dream kid... as cute as they all can be and as much  as I really do love those kids that look mischievous I was happy. I was able to take more pictures using more talent and know how then luck and hope. Always a plus in my book. Lucy, the pup on the other hand was faster then a toddler and a bit hairier too. 

The day was gloomy, cloudy, muggy and it sprinkled all morning. We were due to have cloud cover almost all day- and even mid afternoon when my TheWeatherChannel app said there would be less rain and partial clouds.. from the looks of the skys I didn't side with my app till BAM.. sunny. Hot sun about half way through shooting. Not my favorite. Cloudy days really cut down on all the harsh squinty eyed pictures.

I think these three and fourth B&W one could possibly be my favorite belly only shots out of all my frames. From the worn red barn wood to the pop of Mike's tattoos and Marie's blue and terquoise bracelets. It works for me... Of course it works for me... I took the picture after all.  I didn't have to crop these or level them. For some reason when the photo is just about fine the way it was taken I typically get more excited over it. 

I tend to like more candid shots. I usually take a combination of pictures where my subjects are looking at the camera in a more traditional fashion. It's the pictures where they are not usually looking that feel much more intimate to me and for Mike he even seemed more relaxed when he did not have to stare at my lens.


  1. wooo hooo!!! congrats on getting me off your back for STARTING a blog. Now you have to KEEP IT UP-TO-DATE. bwahahahahaha......NO NO don't thank me. It's a gift.

    I love those pix. It makes the scrapper in me go nuts. Which wouldn't be a jump really.

  2. LOVE!! <3
    Congrats on caving in to the nagging. It's really just easier that way. That's how my blog ever gets updated ;)
    and lynn - it's not a jump. just turn to your left and it's still right there (HAHA)