Monday, August 20, 2012

The GROWING Rosa Family!

The Growing Rosa Family
Heather+Brynne-Mason-Landon-Laylah-and baby #5 

 I had a great opportunity to photograph Heather and meet all her little ones. It had been about 10 years since we last saw each other. What made it more exciting for me was that we both grew up, became military wives and made some really beautiful kids! I have had the pleasure of following Heather and her kids on Facebook over the years- and it became clear how much easier a shoot was with kids 9,7,5 and 3 when I knew their names... really knew their names.. without stumbling over who was who. That is actually pretty shocking when your a mom- because most often in our house I address the presumably guilty kid as "who ever you are," and I only have 3 names to cycle through compared to Heather's soon to be 5.

Brynne, Mason, Landon and Laylah are all really camera aware, making the day much easier. Heather herself is really into portrait photography so these kids are used to having a camera pointed at them. They were able to take direction really well. It was a real perk considering they outnumbered Heather and I.

Sometimes you never know what your going to get...
With children's portraits that's absolutely the truth! I never pass up a chance to snap off a few frames during those moments when kid's do what some may think are less then desirable poses, after all they are just kids. I like the pictures that really depict their nutty, fun, pushy, demanding, loving, silly energetic and even mischievous sides. From trying to win center stage by Heathers belly to sibling instigating Laylah age 3 probably took the cake here.  

Then there are those moments when it all goes right. 
It's those moments I'm totally thankful for amazingly fast Cannon shutter speeds! Ha!!

Brothers: Always put a smile on my face. To have two boys a little less then 2 years apart in age is a true gift to give to each of them. I never had a sibling very close to my age and seeing kids like Mason and Landon who have one another is really special. Maybe I am partial because my boys are 22 months apart.

There is nothing like having a sidekick to play, explore and be mischievous with. As Heather and I swapped some mothers of boys stories we laughed. Sometimes it amazes me what little boys think of- and a tag team only makes for twice as clever and twice as frequent escapades.

This sequence of two kids swapping  focus may be the first time I've ever posted pictures like this. They make a great unit but are amazingly cute individuals.  I really like taking complementary pictures and the boys looked great in color, black & white, and this aged  black & white wash... I went with the wash.
I gravitate towards warmer photos almost always. I really like a picture that has rich colors and more yellow tints then cooler pictures. Brynne (left) has gorgeous brown eyes that pop against her soft skin and light hair. Some truly photogenic kids come from this family. 

Baby #5 Will be.. another Girl.
Although spelling is up in the air Sophiah/Sophia.. is due well ASAP. 
With the possibility of maybe even being born yesterday since induction started at 8am Sunday.


  1. ooooooooooo awesome girlie!!! beautiful family and amazing pix.

  2. Love the pics!!! love the story!!!! they r perfect!!!

    Holli ( Lynn's friend)

  3. The pictures and the family are so beautiful! Great job to all of you girl!