Sunday, September 30, 2012

9/16/2012 Catching Up with Lana & Dawson

Lana & Dawson
     It had been years since I have seen these two. I remember spending a lot of time with Lana before she was a year old. Time goes by way too fast! She was my little ride-a-long every Thursday and usually one or 2 extra mornings a week. I met Dawson once when he was under two months while Lana bounced all over the living room and in and out of my lap. Five years later... feels like I've pretty much time traveled. They got so big!

Dawson- May actually be... The fastest child I've ever photographed. Really. The quickest, most energetic, and still happy. That was the biggest plus! As much as he moved or bolted around he was smiling and eager to chat with me. I got the grand tour of their home, practically before I even stepped out of my car and into the house. 

Yes, their shoot was at their residence. What may seem like average space to you can often be a great backdrop for a portrait. I will not lie- they live on some great property with a barn out back. Most the houses around them and including theirs are clapboard and paint. Not the more unpleasant vinel siding that I try my HARDEST to avoid getting in pictures. Their neighborhood had some pretty textures. 

In both pictures above and below
Yellow painted chipping garage doors = Swoon 
(Nick's mothers vocabulary right there)

Lana- I could have SQUEEZED her for a long time. I missed her- she has no clue, but thats ok. She was really easy going, also fast.. not as fast, but fast enough to keep me working.


  1. Aww great pix and textures and paint can always make a body swoon. LOL!

  2. i dont know about the red head but the other two are adorable...

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