Saturday, September 22, 2012

The days are getting shorter, It's starting to taste like fall... Literally.

It's starting to taste like fall

For Amelia that is. I'm not as much into taste testing my surroundings. Mmmmmm leaves, sticks, grass, pinecones, deadly acorns... This time around she is a little oder, 17 months now. A big jump from being "potato like" last year. All that really means is this year she gets into everything,
has a very very clear opinion, and is continuously attempting to put choke worthy things in her mouth

Mmom is always making Amelia knit or crochet hats, assorted colors and styles. The hats are machine washable and durable. Many of them have crochet flowers on them. I personally love swapping out clip on flowers.  She has an ETSY shop where she takes orders and gives color options. 
Keep a look out for a full blog all about her hats and Etsy shop link with of course pictures by me. 

I am a big fan of how little kids are sooooooo good at crouching down entranced by the simple things. The same things we literally try and rake away every year and view as such seasonal nuisances. 
Acorn caps = 12.5 minutes of entertainment to a toddler.. in turn that is 12.5 minutes of parental eyestrain. Thankfully she only inspected the acorns and didn't indulge. 

Playing in the setting sun with some lens flare


  1. Oh wow! you are a total natural at this.

  2. and so you've found your calling. I love it. I just read through the last five blog posts and have decided a few things.
    #1 You've got it goin' on with the lens (speaking of the word lens, *LOVE* playing with lens flare)
    #2 Amelia is ah-friggin-dorable (not that the boys aren't -- I've 'seen' them)
    #3 You need to be my BFF because we need to hang out.
    TOo much? ;)